Association Backs Quincy's Keenan For Senate

Association Backs Quincy's Keenan For Senate
Association Backs Quincy's Keenan For Senate

Strong Backer of Retiree Rights 

NOVEMBER 2010 VOICE: When Senator Mike Morrissey announced his candidacy for District Attorney of Norfolk County, two strong candidates within his district announced their candidacy in the Democratic Primary to succeed him.

State Representative Steve Tobin of Quincy and Quincy City Councillor John Keenan both filed nomination papers for Morrissey's seat which will be vacated in January - the Norfolk and Plymouth District.

In a close race, Keenan was the winner and is scheduled to face off against two opponents, Republican Daniel Dewey and Independent Laura Innis, on November 2nd. Keenan is a heavy favorite, but is taking nothing for granted and is reaching out to all voters, including members of our Association.

"Both John Keenan and Mike Morrissey (District Attorney) should win. However, in politics the votes still have to be counted," says Association President Ralph White. "Members earlier received our mailing on Mike Morrissey; however, some are not as familiar with John Keenan."

John has been a Quincy City Councillor for the past nine years for which he has received a five-star rating from Quincy Retirement Board Chairman George "Fred" McCray. He's a great candidate. "A man of his word, who has been a credit to the Council and City of Quincy. He's very worthy of succeeding Mike (Morrissey)," rare words from McCray who is often a Republican backer.

Of special interest to our members is the fact that Keenan has served as executive director of the Norfolk County Retirement Board since Year 2001 - nine years. "There are 19 towns and 22 other units in the $540 million Norfolk County Retirement System. You can't find a more ‘user-friendly' Board than Norfolk County," said White. "It's a credit to John and County Treasurer Joe Connolly. John has been very active in our attempts to improve our COLA law as well as survivors' legislation.

"There will be no learning curve for him when the Governor and Legislature address our pension law, which is constantly under fire. For members in the Norfolk, Plymouth Senate District he's our choice on November 2nd."