- War on the Home Front - Association members were exposed to the ultimate horror when two
hijacked planes that had departed from Boston’s Logan Airport on
September 11 plowed into the two, 110-floor, World Trade Center Towers
with the loss of thousands of lives.Minutes
later, a third hijacked plane out of Washington’s Dulles Airport struck
the Pentagon, causing hundreds of additional deaths.

still a fourth plane, hijacked after it left Newark Airport, crashed in
a Pennsylvania field killing all aboard after heroic passengers, then
aware of the fate of the other planes, fought their captors, refusing
to allow the plane to be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Just as December 7, 1941 is etched in the memories of many of our members, so will September 11, 2001 be forever with us.

just as Pearl Harbor was an attack on our nation that changed our lives
forever, September 11 was an attack, a different but even more deadly
initial attack, and will also mean that America will be forever changed.

great number of our members lived through the Great Depression as
children and then fought in World War II. Many lost family members or
friends in that war and the later Korean and Vietnam Wars. Although
none were prepared for this new war, especially the magnitude of deaths
right here on our home soil, our members as a group seem to have
developed a greater innate coping nature than that of a younger

“Our members grieve and
pray like all Americans. They know our country will survive, win this
battle, long as it may take, and emerge stronger than ever,” said
Association President Ralph White. “I was amazed at the strength and
fortitude I observed at our Annual Meeting, only 48 hours after the
Attack on America. These members can be a tower of strength for their
children and grandchildren.”