Sign Of The Times: Bob Cole Donates Memento

MAY 2006 - Association member Bob Cole finally parted with a sign he stashed away a half century ago when the old Holbrook police station closed.

Cole, a retired Holbrook police officer, decided to donate the Police Dept. sign that hung in the window to town hall 50-years ago to the fire and police departments' recently constructed new digs.

Back 50-years ago, the department left town hall for another site. When the sign came down and was on its way to the trash, Cole said, "Don't throw it away," and took possession.

"We were in the back room of the water department," Cole recalled. "We would walk past people paying their water bills with a drunk." Cole was one of four members of the police force. If an incident happened and assistance was needed, the officer on duty would call an off-duty colleague.

"The new public safety facility was badly needed," said Cole. "I think the police officers and firefighters enjoy the connection to the old days that the sign represents."