Member Profile: Elizabeth Beverage, "If Only Someone Would Listen..."

JULY 2005
- Association member Elizabeth Beverage, who retired from the
Department of Mental Health at Danvers State Hospital, is one of many
individuals who have been negatively impacted by the GIC's "Generics
Preferred" program. As a chronic arthritis sufferer, Beverage has been
prescribed the drug Naprosyn, which is not "fully" covered by the GIC.

since Naprosyn is not on the formulary used by the GIC, it is placed in
the Generics Preferred category. Therefore, Beverage must pay the
difference between the generic version and the brand name, a whopping
$234.13 a month. Under the current GIC policy, she has no right of

"I understand the basic GIC
policy of encouraging the use of generic drugs. But I have tried those
drugs and they made me sick. My doctor can document the entire history,
if only someone would listen," said Beverage. "By the GIC not offering
any type of appeal, it tells me that they are interested in nothing
more than saving a quick buck at my expense and health. I'm left to
either pay for the drug out of my own pocket, which I do, or live in
pain. Not much of a choice!"