Member Age 104 - Regular At Florida Meetings

MAY 2004
- Taught At Dedham's Ames School - She's 104 years old, regularly attends our Florida Gulf Coast meeting
each year in St. Petersburg, and up until five years ago she arrived
driving her own car.

Her name is
Sadie Galego. She was born in the seaport city of Belfast, Maine where
she packed sardines for a living while attending Eastern Maine Normal

Sadie went on to teach
school for 40 years at the Ames School in Dedham, Massachusetts, while
attending Bridgewater State College at night to earn her Masters degree.

world traveler, she was baptized in the River Jordan and did not marry
until the age of 88 when she finally "found the right man." Her husband
now deceased, she lives alone in her own home in Seminole, Florida and
is independent to the degree that she only relies on friends for a ride.

hated to give up my license, but at age 99 it was apparent that I
couldn't compete on the highway with so many crazy drivers," she said.
"Though my baby sister, Louise who is only age 94, still drives."

goes to the gym every day, where she walks on a treadmill for up to an
hour and continues to lead an active social life. Even today at 104 she
loves to go to the best restaurants and indulge in an "occasional nice
glass of Vino."

Sadie still hears
from some of her students at the Ames School, which gives her great
pleasure. They are grandparents and great grandparents today. She did
volunteer work as a home health aid up until 10 years ago. "Sometimes I
was helping bathe someone 25 years younger than me. It made me feel
lucky to be in good health at my age." Sadie said.

go back to Maine and Massachusetts on occasion, but never when it's
cold. I love the warm weather in Florida, even when it's hot and humid
in the summer. This is a wonderful state, except for the drivers, most
of whom came here from elsewhere."

And we love having you as a member Sadie, and are looking forward to seeing you at our Year 2005 meeting.