McLaughlin Is New Mayor Of Woburn:

JANUARY 2006 - Captures 54% Of Vote - Say hello to Association member Tom McLaughlin, the new mayor of the City of Woburn.

a Ward 7 Alderman, captured 54% of the vote in defeating John Curran,
the incumbent. The vote in favor of the new mayor was 5,857 to 4,976.
McLaughlin also carried a majority vote in every ward in the city.

former Lt. Colonel with the State Police, McLaughlin, age 60, retired
in 2001 with thirty-one years service. He then went to work as a
special investigator with the U.S. State Department, but resigned after
winning the election in November. His wife, Sheryl, is a former FBI

McLaughlin, a state retiree,
is familiar with our retirement issues. "I met with Maureen Marcucci
(administrator) and the folks at the Woburn Retirement Board during my
campaign," he said. "I also appreciate the fine work that our
Association does on behalf of its members."

thanked all the people who worked on his campaign, including many
retirees. "I also want to thank all the voters in the city who turned
out on election day," he added.

Woburn native, Tom McLaughlin, will be inaugurated on January 2nd for a two-year term as Mayor of Woburn. Good luck, Tom.