Bob Cole's "Valve Job" Is A Success

Now Back At His Crossing Guard Job - Although the transplant of pigs' heart valves to replace human heart
valves is becoming somewhat common, Association member Bob Cole wants
to vouch for the success of this procedure.

don't know how many members have had a pig's valve installed in their
heart, but a year ago I did and at 80 I now feel better than ever," he

"At the time, I
could barely walk and had to give up my job as a school crossing guard.
It was so bad that I collapsed on the day my son Brad, a Quincy police
detective, was driving me to Brigham and Women's Hospital for a
scheduled operation. When I woke up the operation was over, but it
wasn't until a few days later that I was told of the source of my new

Cole, age 80,
is a retired Holbrook police officer who formerly wore badge number 1.
"It's a small town and by seniority I worked my way up to number 1
before I retired," he said. Since retiring I've worked as a school
crossing guard, which I loved, until my heart went south."

thanks to his "valve job", Bob is now back at his crossing job where he
knows most of the kids by name.... "Isn't science wonderful," he said.
"Just think, eventually entire pigs' hearts may be successfully
transplanted... For now though, I'm just satisfied with the valve."