Mandatory Medicare Enrollment Now Law

JANUARY 2012 VOICE: Over the course of the two and a half years that the “old” Section 18A was law, Wilbraham wasn’t the only one to adopt it. Other communities also did, most notably the cities of Boston and Lowell.

“I received a two-page notice from the city (Boston) about switching over to Medicare,” retired firefighter Marty Fisher reports to us. “Local 718 (Boston Firefighters Union) has held meetings to help retirees with this.”

“We’ve been in touch with Boston officials and understand that they are planning to conduct meetings for the city’s retirees who must switch over,” according to our Insurance Coordinator Cheryl Stillman. “If you are affected and have questions, you can, as always, contact me.

“Also, we’ve included a list of the communities – that we know of –  whose retirees may be subject to the change in the law. Please contact me if your community should be added to this list.”