Legislature Approves Increase in Retiree Part-Time Work

Legislature Approves Increase in Retiree Part-Time Work

Now Awaiting Governor’s Approval

JULY 19, 2018: The recently passed State Budget includes a section increasing the hourly restriction on part-time work to 1,200 hours a year. This measure applies to public retirees who return to part-time work with either the state or local government within Massachusetts.

Mass Retirees partnered with the Mass Police Association to spearhead the statutory change, which effectively amounts to 23 hours a week. Current law limits public retirees to just 960 hours annually, or 18.5 hours a week.

Remaining unchanged is the earnings limit placed on retirees who return to government service. In addition to the hourly restriction, public retirees cannot earn more than the difference between their pension and what their former public job currently pays – plus an additional $15,000.

Superannuation retirees working in the private sector, the federal government or in public service outside of Massachusetts have no earnings or hourly restrictions. Earnings restrictions are placed on all disability retirees, regardless of place of employment.

The proposal is contained within Outside Section 29 of the FY19 State Budget, now under review by Governor Baker, who has until Saturday, July 28thto act on the bill. 

If approved by the Governor, the new hourly limit would take effect as of July 1, 2018.