Next Hearing To Focus on Healthcare Proposals

JULY 19, 2013: With one remaining public hearing scheduled to take place prior to the legislature breaking for its summer recess, the Joint Committee on Public Service is set to review a host of Association proposals centering on retiree healthcare.

Slated to receive a public hearing on Tuesday, July 23, are four Association-backed bills that address improvements in healthcare benefits for retirees and survivors. They include:

  • H2285: GIC Appeals
  • H2290/S1261: Surviving Spouse Insurance Retention
  • S1219: Insurance Contribution Rates for Surviving Spouses
  • S1220: GIC Medicare Part B Refund

This past week, Association officials delivered testimony on several bills relative to pension benefits afforded surviving spouses. As members know, your Association takes extra-special care to assist surviving spouses.

“We’re very thankful that Public Service Chairmen Aaron Micklewitz and Will Brownsberger saw fit to hold early hearings on the majority of Association bills,” said Legislative Liaison Shawn Duhamel. “This allows us additional time to move some of our proposals through the legislative process and hopefully passed into law.”