National News: Public Sector Health Plans Meet

Share Ideas on Quality & Cost Containment

In early November, the Association took part in the 13th Annual Conference of the Public Sector Healthcare Roundtable held in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Mass Retirees Legislative Director Shawn Duhamel represented the Association at the Conference, which was attended by public sector healthcare leaders from roughly twenty-four states. Attendees traveled from as far as Washington State and California.

The conference consisted of a full day and a half of intense healthcare briefings from government officials and healthcare policy experts, as well as industry officials. Topics ranged from the Affordable Care Act, to ways to maintain high quality benefits and steps being taken to control drug costs. Much discussion also took place surrounding the national crisis to combat the opioid addiction.

“This was the most informative and worthwhile conference I have attended in recent memory. I have to say that I learned a lot,” said Duhamel. “It was also good to speak with officials who manage the GIC-type plans in other states and hear what steps they are taking to control costs. There is a lot of innovative work taking place around the country that does not involve cost shifting onto retirees. While there is no silver bullet or easy answer, we have to be creative and think outside of the box.”

The Healthcare Roundtable is managed by Tom Lussier, who also serves as Mass Retirees’ eyes and ears in Washington D.C. Andrew McPhearson of the national healthcare consulting firm Healthspiran works in conjunction with Lussier.