Ibis Telehealth Program Takes Off

Retiree Enrollment Underway

September 2020: In the July edition of the Voice, we announced a new initiative to bring telehealth services to Mass Retirees members. 

Known as Ibis (pronounced eye- biss), the program uses advanced computer technology and a robust service support team to help retirees to self-manage and monitor their chronic conditions at home. The pro- gram has been expanded to provide for COVID-19 monitoring. 

The innovative Ibis Program is provided by Senscio Systems, a Massachusetts-based telehealth services company. At present, Ibis is available free-of-charge to Medicare enrollees. While initially targeted at specific geographic areas of Massachusetts and Maine, Ibis is now available to Medicare enrolled retirees across both states. 

Since the initial announce- ment in July, several dozen Mass Retirees members have enrolled in Ibis – including former Association President Ralph White, Insurance Coordinator Cheryl Stillman and several current Association Board members. Ibis enrollees use a tablet computer, provided by Senscio, to help monitor and manage their health.

“This partnership is a critical step to help our members get immediate access to new health technology that has been proven to help seniors with chronic health conditions and can now also play a pivotal role in identifying the symptoms of COVID-19. Our members and their families will also benefit from the online portal to share real-time updates with family and caretakers about their health. We are thrilled to have Senscio Systems as a trusted partner in help- ing keep our members healthy and safe,” said Frank Valeri, President of Mass Retirees. 

“I’ve been using Ibis for just over two months and really can’t be happier with the program. Not only is it very easy to use, but it also gives me peace-of-mind knowing that my health is being monitored. The program can also help you to remember to take medication, per- form home monitoring and remain health conscious. It takes very little time and effort to use,” explains Stillman. “Medicare covers 100% of the cost of the program. They do so because telehealth is proven to save the system money by helping to keep people healthy, while also potentially providing early warning of problems.

“I encourage all retirees with chronic health conditions or who are vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 to considering enrolling in the Ibis Program.” 

To enroll or to receive further information, Mass Retirees members should visit www.ibisprogram.com or call (888) 626-9995.